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How to Predetermine

the Quality of Your Experiences


Years ago I learned a process for navigating challenging experiences. I learned it from Michael Brown the author of the Presence Process.

The first time I used it was to navigate the “Dad Speech” at my son’s wedding in 2007.  You don’t want to screw up the Dad Speech. Since then I’ve used it to navigate other speaking experiences. I’ve also used it on several occasions to navigate singing to large audiences. I even taught it to a woman to navigate giving birth. She reported that it went very smoothly. Most recently my wife, Raymonde, used it to navigate having a tooth pulled. Her goal was the leave the dentist’s office smiling. She was successful and her recovery was very fast.

Recently I’ve brought The Navigation Procedure back to center stage. I realized that it’s a powerful tool to help myself and others to navigate our everyday experiences and to overcome the “COVID blues”.

The key idea is to visualize the endpoint of your experience and anchor your desired feeling at that point. It’s a very simple procedure. There’s very little extra work to do. It’s really a matter of predetermining and anchoring your feeling goal. You still have to do the work you would do anyway, but now you reaffirm the desired feeling instead of the feeling you don’t want. There are a few more subtle actions but those are the basics.

I’ve decided to share this Procedure for Free. I’ll be running an orientation on Saturday, February 27 at 10:30 on Zoom.

If you would like to participate please send me an email at… My cell # is 604-989 -3657.

The goal for Feb 27 is to walk you through the procedure so that you can apply it. My intention is to conduct another Zoom meeting on March 27 to allow people to share their experiences and fine-tune in the learning.

Feel free to invite a friend. It’s fun to share the learning experience.

Meantime here’s the link to read about the process.

Please let me know now if you would like to participate on Feb 27

Michael Worsfold

New Retirement Coach

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Last Modified: February 19, 2021

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