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 I’ve been unable to blog for a few weeks because of WordPress problems. Thanks to my friend Ray McNally, I think I am back in business.

My dear friend Robin Jones sent me this poem at the end of October. A good message for the times. Worthy of sharing.

Fingers crossed, I’m pushing ‘publish!  Michael


Rainy Day in October

by Robin Jones

When I think of the wonderful things in my life

That happens to me every day

I look in the mirror that hangs by my bed

And bow my bald head and I pray


Thank you dear friends for giving me strength

To rise up each morn and feel blessed

To relish each minute like it were the last

So my body feels clean and caressed 


I’m thankful for having the time of my life

To pursue any action I wish

Be it art, or cooking, or writing a poem

Or enjoying a finely cooked fish 


It’s taken some time to feel like I do 

Every action I take suits me fine

Reclining in bed from dusk until dawn

Is like drinking a fine vintage wine


I love how my friends never think that it’s odd

That I call them and say that I care

They enjoy the small banter we have on the phone

With old memories, we both love to share


It has taken some time to get to this stage

Where I feel so secure in my soul

And I give what I can to those that I love

So we both will end up feeling whole


This marvellous world is my oyster

Each of you is the pearl found inside

My heart is brimming with love for you all

I’m so glad I’m along for the ride.


Robin Jones 
The poet on Princess
October 23, 2020


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