Ticket to freedom


I have projected the same images day after day

Becoming a prisoner of the known.

But the known is dead and past now

And I must buy my ticket to freedom

By embracing the fresh unknown.

Chance encounters, unexpected coincidences

Premonitions, dreams and wishes

Flashes of unpredictable joy

Random events are

Weaving themselves in the web of time.

I have left the voice of reason.

I am listening to the beckoning whisper

In the recesses of my heart.

And new shapes of reality

Are coaxing me out of my prison.

Source: Raid on the Inarticulate – poems by Deepak Chopra

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Last Modified: April 14, 2020

2 thoughts on “Words from Deepak

  1. Becky

    I Love it!! Thanks for sharing , Michael
    …. It’s a Keeper!

  2. Sandra Wrightman

    Brilliant, of course, and brilliantly chosen. This time is a time of awakening and re-connecting with the terrible truth that we blindly and deaf-ly, unconsciously re-create the scary happenings and feelings of our pasts over and over again, hoping this time they will keep us safe. While washing your hands and zooming your friends take time to wash your past and zoom your inner being. You might be amazed at the powerful truths lurking within when the busyness pauses.

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