The theme of ‘new life’ had a special meaning this month with the arrival of our granddaughter Shalamay Worsfold. 

I also gave birth to a new song called ‘Take the Stage’.

About giving birth to a new self.

I sang the song at our MorningStars Toastmasters last week

at the home of one of our members. Shortly after 7 am I might add:)


Take The Stage 


I know you’ve got a secret dream 

Of who you’re meant to be 

Your future self is calling you 

Yearning to be free 


When I saw who you could be 

You felt like you’d been busted

Now your secret’s out

I wonder if you trust it



Your destiny is calling you

                        No place now to hide                      

It’s time to take the stage 

The world is open wide


Your life is going to change

No more playing small

Your dream is coming true now

Stand up strong and tall


I see your fancy coloured sox 

I know they’re all the rage

They’re sure to boost your confidence 

When you take the stage


Not many people feel the joy 

Of betting on their dreams

There’s really nothing like it

And It’s safer than it seems



©. December 2019

In tribute to Katherine Scott,

fellow Toastmaster and mentor, who died this month.

Katherine helped me start this blog earlier this year. She will be missed.

One thought on “New Life Focus

  1. Sandy Wrightman

    I love this song. I hope you will ‘take the stage’ at Katherine’s Celebratory Party to be held on Mar 2 at Chaster House. Singing this lovely song in tribute to the gifts she gave each of us about presence, being clear, letting our gifts out.
    Shalamay looks very tiny in your arms – an amazing gift of renewal in the belief that life is magic and we are the ones who make it so. Congratulations

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