Launching a New Retirement Program in early December

 Two people are committed. Dates and time to tbd by the group.
 You could be one of 2-3 more who can make this an exciting group process.
 Below is the flyer.
 If you are interested in knowing more please call or email me. See below.
 Thank you, Michael

Coming of Age: The Inner Game

Thriving in your 50’s 60’s and beyond

    Conversations to energize and add joy to your life:


    • A new meaning for retirement: From pleasure to purpose.

    • The goal of wellbeing: Keeping the main thing the main thing.
    • The inner game: More wellbeing by navigating your life experiences.
    • Creating your ‘noble aim’: “The nobler your aim the better your life.”
    • Your story defines you: Author your ideal future. Your hero’s journey.
    • Speaking your story into reality: Declaring your new life with your ‘words’.
    • Be a ‘wise elder’ in training: Cultivate your ultimate asset; your wisdom. 

Best suited for: people contemplating retirement or already retired and looking to rejuvenate.
Process design: Not a ‘course’ but rather a process for creating and launching your new life. For cost-effectiveness, the process is done in small groups as demand arises. It consists of five 90 minute group sessions and two private coaching sessions. We aim for a spirit of ‘partnership’; helping each other to reach our goals.
To put your name on the list for the next date call 604 989 3657 or email
Investment: $295.00 Includes GST. Cheque or bank transfer to Partnering Designs inc.

The process is changing my life. Continually evolving. I am wholeheartedly grateful. 

Becky Beaton



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