A friend who has been in AA for 34 years shared the AA formula. ‘Attract don’t promote.’

Every meeting people share their AA experience for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

This morning I felt prompted to write out what amounts to talking points for my experience in putting the pieces of the NRP together. I am sending them to you in case they may either be a good review and or talking points to share your experience with others.

For those who are not grads of the NRP process, it’s a short review of the context for NRP and of the process steps.

I hope it’s useful.


PS. It hasn’t had the benefit of proofreading so I apologize for the typos.


New Retirement Project

Retire Rich: A New Perspective

Transitioning from the years of work-life to retirement can be quite challenging in ways that we don’t expect. Such as loss of identity, loss of purpose, loss of structure, being used to responsibility, relationship stress and too much time to think.

The last point, too much time to think, is a common complaint. Now that they are not preoccupied with work responsibilities the old childhood wounds may rise to the surface. We all have those emotional imprints from childhood that we repressed as adults. There may be healing work required. That involves accepting and embracing those feelings and reconnecting with our childhood spirit. Our nature.  Step two.

That vacuum feeling: Most of us retire as ‘working machines’. Turns out it’s not so easy to turn that off. It’s in our bodies. People often say they feel like they are in a vacuum. I used to get the feeling on weekends years ago. 

These problems can lead to depression, isolation, loneliness and despair. Medication isn’t the answer. We need a game plan.

The word retirement holds the meaning of an ‘ending’. It’s supposed to be something like a vacation. Except that now it’s a much longer vacation. What’s missing is meaning and purpose to fil our lives. The new perspective we refer to is creating a life rich in terms of the depth of living. 

We need tools and a structured way to reorient ourselves in order to generate a new beginning.

Enter the New Retirement Project.

A process for creating your new life in retirement. 

Step one is to lay a foundation of wellbeing by taking stock of where you are in relation to ten key factors for wellbeing. You feel better right away.

Step two is to get a deeper understanding of who you are. When we retire we are identified with our work roles. Now we are offered the extraordinary opportunity to create a new identity. We use the Enneagram personality model to give us a frame of reference and a method to clarify our true nature, our deepest motivations and how to differentiate from our ego. 

Step three is to clarify our new aims; our life purpose. Different personality types have different motivations and needs. The goal is to create a dominant orientation that will get up every day motivated to engage. In retirement, we seek heart-based goals that have to do with relationships and soul-based goals that have to do with creativity and contribution. 

Step four is to write out your vision of your ideal future. You can do it your own way or use the recommended online structure that offers a proven psychologically sound method to envision your future. Writing it out in specific terms including the emotional components magnetizes your vision and draws you toward it. We feel good when we are moving toward what we care about.

Step five is to speak your vision into the world. Everyone is asked to speak for five minutes about their vision. This makes it real and helps to embody your vision and declare it into existence with your words. 

Step six is one one one coaching to help you to sustain your momentum and address any new challenges that may emerge.


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