What if…

that ‘interest’ that you have

is your future self…

beckoning to you in the present.


An interest showed up. When you retired and had more time, did you notice a particular interest showing up? Maybe it was there when you were younger, but life got in the way, and you lost track of it… until now! Or perhaps it is a new interest that has emerged. Either way, It is not a passing fancy. It is a persistent interest you cannot ignore.

What do your interests mean? Carl Jung believed that a person’s ‘interest’ is their future self trying to manifest itself in the present.  I’ve noticed that people find this idea intriguing. Perhaps it’s because Jung’s idea changes what interest means to us. It’s one thing to ignore an interest. It’s another to ignore your future self calling to you in the present….isn’t it?!

If your interest is your future self calling to you in the present, and you ignore the call, what might that mean for your future?  What might you be missing? What tragedy might you be setting up?

Stop and think about that for a minute.

On the other hand, what could it mean if you fully embraced that persistent interest you are seeing?

What’s your story? Another Jungian idea is that we all live a story, and we don’t know what our story is.  We should know what our story is, because it might be a tragedy, and we may want to avoid that.

How do you imagine your life story? Do you imagine a life of adventure, a life that is rich and full of meaning and purpose? Or is it more of the same? Kinda boring? Retirement should be about more than “staying busy”. Perhaps your interest is calling you to a better future.

What could be tragic about ignoring your interests? Putting it a different way …what are the consequences of letting your fear stop you from embracing and developing your interest?

In a nutshell, doesn’t it mean that you will never be your true self?

And if that is true, isn’t that the definition of tragedy?

Fear...is what holds us back from engaging our interests and evolving to our new future self!

You have been who you are for a long time. Naturally, it will feel strange to let go and discover or, perhaps rediscover your true self now. Your ego personality will try to control you with stories about keeping you safe, being practical, not being selfish, and not looking foolish. We all have that voice. And…

You are not that voice!  You are the author of your life!

Call to action.  A powerful way to shake loose of the past and generate your new future is to author your new story. Write it out, declare your new life into being!

It might be a paragraph or a page or ten pages! You might imagine you are in conversation with your future self. You might start by saying…”I hear you knocking”.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

(Carl Jung)



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Last Modified: June 3, 2019

3 thoughts on “I hear you knocking

  1. PJ Reece

    Good stuff! I love the idea of our future self beckoning us in the form of messages, urges, and images from the unconscious (or imaginal realm). Keep it coming, Mike.

  2. Katherine

    Lots of great points in this article. Have you seen the site futureme.org? You can write a letter to be delivered to you by email at some point in the future. Might be fun.

  3. Sandy Wrightman

    “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in”. Isn’t it true that we hear Inspiration, or opportunity knocking and don’t let it in. I remembered the lyrics incorrectly as Come back tomorrow and try it again. I guess that would be wishful thinking. Especially as pending or retired persons we would do well to welcome the messages that may have been trying to get our attention- messages about our talents,gifts, creativity that we have poo-pooed into the dark recesses of our consciousness. See you there.

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